Religion, Literature, and Scholarship: The Sumerian by Niek Veldhuis

By Niek Veldhuis

This booklet makes use of insights from spiritual reviews, literary idea, and the heritage of technological know-how for knowing the Sumerian composition Nanse and the Birds within the context of the outdated Babylonian scribal college. The discussions of Babylonian faith, literature, and scholarship concentrate on the usefulness and relevance of those smooth innovations for categorizing the traditional textual content. the amount offers the 1st severe variation of Nanse and the Birds, in addition to versions of the hymn Nanse B and all 3rd millennium and previous Babylonian lexical lists of birds. It contains 37 plates with pictures and line drawings, together with many formerly unpublished drugs. the ultimate bankruptcy discusses the identification and orthography of all Sumerian fowl names in literary, administrative and lexical texts.

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In one place it is an illegal property, turning it into a virtually unbeatable opponent; in another place it is simply part of its nature, to be used for profit by those who know how to keep this frightening monster on their side. 5. Conclusion: Anzud’s Role in Nanˇse and the Birds In none of the stories we have discussed, Anzud is the main player around which the text evolves. Anzud is the negative character which is defeated by Nin˜girsu/Ninurta to justify the latter’s promotion, or it is charmed by Lugalbanda to use its magic powers.

43 For these cylinders, see Suter 2000, 71–159. The most recent translation is Black, et al. 1998no. 7. 44 Gudea Cylinder A 1:17–23 and 1:24–2:3. 2. Nanˇse Gudea thus embarks for a journey to Ni˜gin. On his way he makes a stop ˜ in Lagaˇs-city, where he prays to the goddess Gatumdug. On arrival in Ni˜gin, Gudea tells his dream to Nanˇse, ‘dream-interpreter of the gods’ who explains to him the various details, all of which indicate that Nin˜girsu, her brother, indeed wants him to start building this temple – immediately:45 His mother Nanˇse answered the ruler: My shepherd, I will explain your dream for you.

41 Translation by Black, et al. 1. 42 This the only place in the composition where Nanˇ se is mentioned explicitly, although her name is restored in a break. The restoration is highly plausible but remains uncertain strictly speaking. See the discussion in Civil 1961, 175; and Thomsen 1975. 25 II. 3. Nanˇse as Dream Interpreter Nanˇse’s role as dream interpreter (ensi) is attested in two Sumerian texts; in the Gudea cylinders, and in the Song of the Plowing Oxen. ’ The ensi not only interpreted dreams, but also used other, non-technical means of divination.

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