Rings and Their Modules by Paul E. Bland

By Paul E. Bland

This ebook is an creation to the speculation of earrings and modules that is going past what one more often than not obtains in a graduate path in summary algebra. as well as the presentation of normal themes in ring and module idea, it additionally covers class thought, homological algebra or even extra really good issues like injective envelopes and projective covers, reflexive modules and quasi-Frobenius earrings, and graded earrings and modules. The booklet is a self-contained quantity written in a really systematic sort: all proofs are transparent and simple for the reader to appreciate and all arguments are in keeping with fabrics inside the booklet. an issue units stick to each one part. it's compatible for graduate and PhD scholars who've selected ring idea for his or her examine subject.

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M˛ ; i˛ /. 1 Direct Products and Direct Sums Remark. Earlier we defined a product and a sum of a family ¹f˛ º of R-linear mappings. We also have the concepts of the direct product and direct sum of a family of mappings: Let ¹M˛ º and ¹N˛ º be families of R-modules and suppose that for each ˛ 2  there is an R-linear mapping f˛ W M˛ ! N˛ . Then Y Y Y Á Y f˛ W M˛ ! x˛ //     is a well-defined R-linear mapping called the direct product of the family of mappings ¹f˛ º . Likewise, M M M Á M f˛ W M˛ !

N is a monomorphism, then f is an injective function and as such has a left inverse g W N ! M . Show by example that g need not be an R-linear mapping. (b) If f W M ! N is an epimorphism, then f is a surjective function and so has a right inverse g W N ! M . Show by example that g may not be an R-linear mapping. (c) If f W M ! N is an isomorphism, prove that the inverse function f 1 W N ! M for f is an isomorphism. Note that even though the observations of (a) and (b) hold, the inverse function for an R-linear bijection is an R-linear bijection.

Examples 1. M; N / as a Left R-module. M; N / is a Z-module. f b/a. 1 fails to hold. M; N / can be made into an R-module in precisely this manner. M; N / can be made into a left R-module using this technique. xa/. 1 does indeed hold. M; N / is a left R-module. ax/ for all a 2 R and x 2 M . 2. The Endomorphism Ring of a Module. M / are rings under function addition and function composition called 34 Chapter 1 Basic Properties of Rings and Modules the Z-endomorphism ring of M and the R-endomorphism ring of M , respectively.

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